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Hoi Touxsie

Rock Band

Hoi Touxsie
Welcome to the world of "Hoi Touxsie"

Formed in 2015 by founder in chief, Mick Sparrow, who's vast experience in music along with influences from Monty Python to Mozart, Spike Milligan to Deep Purple has collaborated with long time music comrades evolving into this offering.
Holding a true gem of a sound and vibe.

"Two face"
A pure white sheet will only cover what lies beneath.
But not for long, for the soiled marred matter will but taint the sheet in time.
How long nobody knows.
Even the strongest of appearances will superficially prove to become porous eventually.
Hoi Touxsie - Just Brett

"A complaint to ones saviour"
And now you've broke all the rules
Where you been hiding..?
The world is waiting for you
The world is waiting...

Hoi Touxsie - Rock Band.
Hoi Touxsie - Rock Band from the UK, music and videos, information and a moose.
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